Witches Brew first brewed in August 2008 with the aim to produce flavoursome real ales in an eco-friendly way and support the White Horse (Edwardstone) by giving it a unique selling point. Over the last 7 years the pub and brewery have worked in harmony, doubling the turnover of the pub and enabling it to stay open as well as thrive, particularly difficult in a small village like Edwardstone and quite a feat in the present pub environment. The brewery has successfully organised 4 annual beer and cider festivals at the White Horse, none more prominent than the summer go-to-festival ‘Eddyfest’. We were the first brewery to use solar and a wood boiler to heat our wort, winning awards for our green methods and for our popular cutting edge beers. 

Witches Brew has continuously evolved since formation in 2008. We have always been trying new and inventive methods of brewing; we experiment with ingredients and push the boundaries of small scale brewing, we use specialist malts, our home grown hops, and our own water from beneath our site. Suffolk is a fantastic place for beer; we feel we can offer something truly unique.  In recent months it has been decided that we, using the brewery building will go on a new and extremely exciting journey. This journey starts now and thus the decision to cease brewing our current range with immediate effect. This will not have any effect on Witches Brew suppliers; all accounts will be settled as usual.  

Beer styles of all kinds.

We are in the process of putting together plans for a new and very interesting project here at the brewery. We have one of the most fantastic small brewery buildings in the UK that has inbuilt green technology. Later this year we will be launching a new company focusing on some very interesting and specialist types of brewing, it will be very different from most other craft brewers in the UK. The intention is to use the water drawn from the chalk 60 meters below the brewery, barley and hops grown on the brewery’s own organically certified field in nearby Chelsworth, locally foraged hedgerow herbs, fruit and flowers and even wild yeast and bacteria harvested from our local environment.

SIBA awarded best Mild in East Anglia 2009 Mawkin Mild

The beer we brew will be given one extra ingredient that most breweries don’t utilize…. TIME.  The beers styles that we will be producing are those that benefit from ageing and will broadly come under two categories, historical English ales and farmhouse/ wild ales. Our historical English ales will be brewed using recipes and ingredients as close to authentic as possible (we are aiming to grow our own historic varieties of barley ) and fermented using  English ale yeast and our own house blend of yeasts and bacteria. Our farmhouse ales will, in most cases, have a lower level of bitterness and be 100% fermented using wild yeast and bacteria we have harvested ourselves. These beers will have differing levels of sourness and funkiness and local fruit and herbs may be added where we think they will complement the flavours of a particular barrel.  We already have beer laid down in barrels that previously held Whisky including a dry hopped Organic IPA brewed using Pale Malt and Goldings Hops, a Baltic Porter, a Stock Ale and a farmhouse beer fermented using yeast taken from a local orchard.

Our brewery and beer garden at the Edwardstone White Horse.

We are extremely excited for the future and hope you will be equally interested to see how we develop over the coming months and years.   We will keep you informed of any more developments.

Many Thanks

Tom Norton