Inside the Maze of Fire… Kindled with Desire
Boiling the Cauldron true… Filled with WITCHES BREW

-MANILLA ROAD, “Open The Gates”

WITCHES BREW is an underground record label based out of Germany. The name was inspired by the MANILLA ROAD song quoted above. Previous to starting the label I ran (and still do) an online zine called The Metal Gospel. It was through the zine that I was exposed to some really cool demos from unsigned bands which got me thinking: “I would sign these guys if I had my own label !”. I made it a reality in early 2002.

My vision with WITCHES BREW is to release stuff from bands that capture the true spirit of Heavy Metal, regardless of style. These days it seems a lot of focus has been taken off the fact that Metal is about fun, “attitude”, having a good time and the most important thing of all: MUSIC. I want to bring that kind of atmosphere back in the forefront. Those who “live” Metal know what I am talking about and also know that Metal is not about image, what format the music is recorded on or how limited it is in quantity. The bands on WITCHES BREW are those I would not hesitate to buy something from and neither should you. 😉

If you think along the same lines as I then get in touch ! Iīm especially looking for labels that are into Thrash, oldschool Death, REAL Black, Viking / Folk / Celtic, Heavy Metal to trade with.

A note to zines / radio / other writing for promo requests. Donīt. If you are worthy I will get in touch. All emails asking for promos will be deleted, unanswered. It may seem harsh but itīs amazing how many people claim to be such fans of our bands yet mispell their names, list bands not even on Witches Brew and other stupid shit. If you are such a “big” fan and want to actually SUPPORT the bands you claim to love then go to their websites and BUY the album from them OR buy it here. The underground stays alive because people put effort into REAL support and that means laying down your hard earned cash so underground labels and bands can keep going.

PO BOX 100 710

E-Mail: witchesbrew@witches-brew.org