Our Green Credentials

Witches-brew is an example of a successful businesses that is showing that it is possible to run such an enterprise in an ecologically responsible manner.

  • We started brewing in August 2008. 
  • The brewery is built on the site of an old stable behind the traditional White Horse Inn at Edwardstone, Suffolk.
  •  We have recently had a borehole dug and now use entirely our own water for brewing, and infact for everything. 
  • The brewery building was built using local wood, reclaimed bricks, sheeps wool, and lime plaster.
  • The brewing liquor is heated using bio and solar power. We have a 3000litre storage tank that is constantly heated by our solar panels and is then topped up to brewing temperature by a high efficiency wood boiler. (All the wood coming from a local Suffolk Wildlife Trust wood). 
  • We have a field 3 miles away in Chelsworth where we grow a large amount of our own malting barley and hops.
  • On site we have a campsite with solar powered showers and 2 self catering  Scandinavian style chalets which are awarded for sustainable tourism.  
  • A 6kw 9m wind turbine is situated on the campsite and helps provide electricity for the site
  • Any electricity we do buy in comes from green energy supplier ‘Good Energy’.
  • Our beers use only pure ingredients, organic and locally sourced if available!
  • Our used grains are fed to local rare breed pigs, and our hops spread on the White Horse’s beer garden hedge.